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Reach your destination safely and on time with the best-in-class TomTom Truck GPS navigation systems. Based on your vehicle type, TomTom truck GPS navigators take you on the best road to reach your destination. With up-to-date, tailored routes and real-time traffic updates, you don't need to worry about driving down the busy tracks or tight country roads. TomTom GPS navigators integrate with cellphones using Bluetooth to take calls and read SMS messages aloud on the go. It helps you focus on the drive while being connected to your communication network. Browse the category and shop for the best TomTom Trucker GPS navigation systems on FactoryOutletStore.

Plan and drive with confidence on the right road

Whether you're behind the wheel of a truck, the TomTom Trucker GPS navigation will get you to your destination securely. Based on the vehicle type, size, and weight, TomTom Trucking GPS navigators suggest you the perfect, customized routes to your destination. TomTom truck GPS provides vehicle-specific points of interest and details on 50,000 fuel stations, parking locations, and service centers for large vehicles. You also get real-time map updates and traffic updates, so you do not get stuck anywhere on the way and reach on time.

A hassle-free navigation

Truck GPS navigation provides better routing and dispatching that reduces fuel usage, improves mileage, making your trips efficient. With optimized routes and fewer out-of-route miles, you can reach your destination faster and well within time. With Lifetime TomTom Traffic, you also get real-time accurate traffic information during your trip, helping you avoid congested routes. The large, high-quality displays show you detailed, turn-by-turn instruction to your destination, all at a glance, with regular awareness alerts. TomTom Trucker GPS navigation systems help you move towards your destination without any hassles on the way.